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'The good news is that because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement, we can be born again and again.'
A Boat by Any Other Name by Gina Randall
Elder Joseph W. Sitati writes, 'Each gate is a symbolic entry point for the associated covenant and marks the progress we have made on our spiritual journey. The sacrament provides the opportunity for us to “return” to each gate every week by renewing our covenants.'
Elder Heald prayed and studied hard to develop the faith to perform a miracle on his mission.
Five Moms and the #TimeWise Experiment
Following the Prophet Increases Faith
Including the Savior in Our New Year's Resolutions
One by One
Teaching Children to Love and Serve by Example
Build Spiritual and Temporal Self-Reliance
Spiritual and Temporal Well-Being: Our Personal Responsibility
A Process of Removing Scratches
Increase Faith (and Testimony) through Family History and Temple Work
Test Large Image
Area Presidency General Conference Devotional April 2018
Area Presidency General Conference Devotional April 2018
Area Presidency General Conference Devotional April 2018
Area Presidency General Conference Devotional April 2018 Elder Kevin S. Hamilton
Area Presidency General Conference Devotional April 2018
The Rising Generation and Mission Preparation
Area Presidency General Conference Devotional April 2018
Area Presidency General Conference Devotional April 2018
Area Presidency General Conference Devotional April 2018
Area Presidency General Conference Devotional April 2018
Sister Gracious Shoko learnt that obedience to the commandments can help us develop self-discipline and that ability to endure to the end.
Each of us has God-given potential to rise up out of our circumstances, whatever they may be, and stand independently as agents not objects.
One of the best ways to show our love is to share the gospel. But sharing the gospel is more than talking about the church. It's giving of ourselves to those in need.
Picking Up the Oars: An Experiment in Problem-Solving
Maria has tried to raise her son as she was raised, teaching him to trust in the Lord at all times.
Elder S. Mark Palmer shares some personal examples of how we can reach out to, love and serve others.
Elder Asante had the impression that five people were ready to get baptised in Njeru. With faith, he found all five.
Planning our life can be like making squares for a quilt.
Two Sister Missionaries serving in Kenya shared their spare clothing to help others.
The Ochieng family learnt that the best thank you we can give Christ is 'doing'.
For Jolie and her family, the #LightTheWorld theme on December 19 2017 saved their lives.
22 Mormon missionaries gathered in Uhuru City Park in Nairobi, Kenya, to sing Christmas carols.
What are your favourite Christmas memories and traditions? Local LDS members share some of theirs.
At Christmas time - and throughout the year - it is important to learn to give as He has given.
To appreciate the Spirit of Christmas, we must first understand the Spirit of Christ.
LDS members in Africa share what the annual #LightTheWorld initiative means to them
Elder Joseph W. Sitati
Elder Walter Chatora
Elder W. Jean-Pierre Lono
Elder Ilunga, Eustache
Elder Joni L. Koch
Elder Pungwe S. Kongolo
Elder Duane D. Bell
Elder Khumbulani Mdletshe
Elder Elie K. Monga
Elder Artur J. Miranda
Elder Clement M. Matswagothata
Elder Christophe Kawaya
Elder Daniel P. Hall
Elder S. Mark Palmer
From food parcels to braais, members in the Johannesburg Stake, South Africa, have been lighting the world in various ways.
To #LightTheWorld, Sister Baddoo and her family worked together to make cookies for their neighbours.
Wherever we are, we can light the world - just as these two missionaries in Ukraine did.
As part of #LightTheWorld, Ntinda Ward made 100 food packs to share with villagers who were in need.
A few months ago my wife and I took some names of our kindred dead to the temple to do the work for them. I will never forget the experience I had as I was doing this work.
Elder David. A Bednar recently concluded a tour of three African countries in the Africa Southeast Area. Here are some of his trip highlights.
In the Church, in spite of our differences, the Lord expects us to be one.
Elder S. Mark Palmer invites members to ponder the October General Conference messages and look for how they apply in your life.
Let us be active participants in this great work of salvation and be genuine friends who love, care, listen and reach out to those voices in despair.
For Kenneth Ingoi Malahilu, the admonition to help spread the gospel is not hard to embrace.
How can we reach out to lost members of the church, one by one, and help them return to the fold?
Sister Tarryn Boreham shares the lessons she has learnt while preparing for a mission.
Serving a mission in South Africa not only helped George strengthen his testimony of Jesus Christ -- it also helped him totally redirect his career.
We sometimes believe the gift of agency is free in every sense of the word. In reality, it came at a very dear cost to the givers, our Father in Heaven and the Savior, Jesus Christ.
The principle of work is basic to the plan of our Heavenly Father for the salvation of His children. How can we take personal responsibility to work hard?
Elder Dale G. Renlund and his wife Ruth delivered a historic Africa Face to Face event on August 5, 2017 from Accra, Ghana.
When something bad, frustrating or painful happens in your life, consider that it may be the exact thing you need to progress or move forward
Fasting is a commandment with a wonderful promise for those in need and for us
The Criddle family moved to Djibouti recently. Their concern has been finding a way to help their children feel the Spirit and gain a testimony without all of the programs provided in established units of the church
Self-reliance has a purpose which is to help us be able to serve. We need to teach that self-reliance is not the end goal but is a means to the goal of service
'I felt completely at peace, as if I had come home'
Suzen spent her life serving and helping others, blessing many lives
Joseph from Zimbabwe shares how he is preparing to serve as a missionary
'The Lord will bless us as we attend to the sacred ordinance work of the temples. Blessings there will not be limited to our temple service. We will be blessed in all of our affairs '
A missionary on a bus gave away a copy of the Church News, which brought about a man's conversion
It seemed like he was never home. Then I realized he was with me in the ways that really matter.
Elder Rasband’s visit to the Africa Southeast Area reinforced the faith of thousands of Church members
Members share how they felt when Elder Rasband visited Kwa-Zulu-Natal
An institute student wasn't going to be able to attend the meeting with Elder Rasband, but fasted for the opportunity to do so
“If you will thank the Lord with all your heart, every night, for all the blessings of that day, you will eventually find yourself exalted in the kingdom of God” - Joseph Smith
Members of the Church, as a people, don’t have to look back far in history to reflect on times when the Latter-day Saints were refugees
A blind sister in Mozambique manages to walk to church on her own each Sunday because she is guided by the light of Christ
Members in the Africa Southeast Area are witnessing a new day of temple building in the Area
How could Lungelo honour the Sabbath day when his soccer team played on Sundays?  
A Young Single Adult from the DRC tells how Institute is helping him prepare to serve a mission
Elder Tasara Makasi shares the importance of rescuing God's children
His mother, Sylvia would walk far and catch a train and bus to get him and his brother to church each Sunday
'All the accolades the world can give to a woman will never compare in importance to the privilege of raising and nurturing a child to maturity'
Oral histories are beneficial where illiteracy is prevalent or written records have not been preserved
“I was hoping to find someone to rent the house but Heavenly Father gave me so much more.'
This baby boy needed surgery and a stoma, but then he was given a priesthood blessing
Help move the Lord’s work forward without leaving your home
Elder Joni L. Koch gained his testimony through living the gospel of Jesus Christ
Christ can comfort and sustain us in our difficulties and trials
These members decided to follow Nephi's example. A brother was blessed as he prepared for a mission, and a sister was led back into activity in the church
'We increase our faith as we rely on His promises and ask for His enabling grace' - Elder Kevin S. Hamilton
Make the sacrament more meaningful for yourself  
Elder Sabin teaches us why we should be valiant in keeping our covenants
Elder Palmer shares four lessons on love which he has learned from Mark 10
A sister tells how the talks in General Conference answered her questions
A sister writes how Elder McConkie's last testimony helped her develop a personal relationship with Christ
A sister shares how trusting in God unwaveringly has sustained her in her trials
While Tarryn waits for her mission call to arrive, she is preparing for her mission, not waiting idly
'Self-reliance is becoming like God and that is the ultimate!'
Discover the features of the new Africa Southeast Area Page
Elder Palmer shares a wonderful message to the women of the Church
Elder Lono explains how the gospel can combine with good African traditions
'I was hit with a powerful reminder that Heavenly Father knows me, He knows my needs, and He watches over me.'
Happily married couples share advice on achieving a successful, happy marriage
She felt she couldn't afford to pay tithing, but she put the Lord's promise to the test
Family history information collected through oral histories is shared with families in Africa
Through family history, I have gained a love for people whose faces I will never see in this life
Marrying in the temple contributes to a successful marriage
Michelle's grandmother was eagerly waiting for her ordinances to be performed, and was overjoyed when Michelle did them for her
A picture of Jesus in a shop in Ladysmith, South Africa attracted the missionaries
The lost wallet brought about the opportunity for one of God's children to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ
'A seemingly small decision such as whether or not to attend a sacrament meeting can have far-reaching, even eternal, consequences.'
This sister wanted to attend Church but had to work on Sundays
'...regardless of the pattern whereby this blessing is received....'  
Calvin wanted to join the club, but he would have to bribe his way in
“I’ve always loved the talks from Elder Bednar. He is one of the Church leaders who inspires me the most.”
'I realized these were sacred funds. Others had made a contribution to my education, so it was my responsibility to show appreciation by studying hard.'
When we try to change our habits we need to focus on the details
The seventh stake in Zimbabwe is the 50th stake in the Africa Southeast Area
By following the promptings of the Holy Ghost, this young mother kept her children safe
Members share how they were able to #LIGHTtheWORLD
Some homesick missionaries brought Christmas cheer to an old age home and an orphanage
Joseph Smith was born in the month of December. Here are three important lessons we can learn from his life
Feb Elder Ellis message humility 
Teenagers share how they feel about the temple
Photos of the construction of the two new temples
'Members of the Church should do everything in their power to come to the temple in order to claim their blessings' - Elder Kevin S. Hamilton
Andy and his fiancé planned a temple wedding and decided not to pay lobola
He realised that his wife's ancestors are also his family
Members share how they have been Lighting the World
In the attic he found a life history which his grandmother had written
Photos of Elder Christofferson's recent visit to the Africa Southeast Area
Sometimes it is tempting to stop paying tithing when our financial circumstances worsen  
Swakopmund members share how they keep the Sabbath day holy
Protestant minister searches for a church that teaches tithing  
Two thousand years ago, a firstborn Son came into the world. He was a priceless gift from the Eternal Father for us all.
'Through My Path we learned principles to help us with our gardening project.'
'When Heavenly Father introduces a program or an initiative He will see us through.'
She loved taking in homeless children and caring for them until they married
Every member is needed, and every member needs an opportunity to serve
The Church provides neonatal training, wheelchairs, vaccinations, clean water and vision treatment
'He prayed that they be watched over so that they could return home safely to their families.'
Providing water for two schools in Zimbabwe enabled the school children to be able to grow food
There was a large variety of service projects undertaken in the Africa Southeast Area by over 52000 members of the Church this year
The earliest baptisms in Cape Town most likely took place in the Liesbeeck River
What do you do with your money when you have extra?
“Skills and talents come as a result of work, practice and often some failure. Missionary work is no exception.” 
In the night a hand pointed to the correct record sheet
FamilySearch is focused on preserving both African oral traditions and records that can help people learn about their ancestors
Elder and Sister French share advice on preparing to serve a mission as a couple
Their mission started a few days before their only daughter's wedding
Nomusa used the Church's Employment Program with graduating engineers, and they all found work
'Homeless and without hope, I finally reached out to God in prayer. I found peace and a pathway to success and happiness.'
Members share how they were brought back to church
As Kent began his Pathway studies, his example had his girlfriend wondering about the Church
Five ways to increase the impact of regularly taking the sacrament
When their daughter was called on a mission, she was an answer to their prayers of many years before
Following Divine guidance brings great blessings
Persistence and the guidance of the Holy Ghost have led Mfundo from a humble township home to Harvard University
Alex in Kenya uses his talents to turn waste material into useful products
Ideas for a personal study of General Conference
Our experiences at church can lead to the fire of conversion only if we come prepared
The members were blessed and protected by several miracles
Members in the Africa Southeast Area share what they learned from the October 2016 General Conference
 I took a stand. The net result? My volleyball future was in jeopardy
Suggestions for parents of small children to make sacrament meeting easier
These men walked 520 km to attend stake conference (and then back) twice a year
The Lord kept me safe as I did His work
Information about the dedication of some of the early chapels built in South Africa
This video of a family in South Africa was shown between sessions of General Conference. They tell how they joined the Church
If there is someone out there who might be postponing reading the Book of Mormon or attending church, this is the time to do so
The power of a priesthood blessing brought Victoria Ekong's daughter back from the edge of death
Larry shares how General Conference helped him with a problem he was struggling with
Elder Golden was the first resident of Africa to be called as a General Authority
In 1918 a flu epidemic in Cape Town killed 5000 people. The mission president and a missionary blessed the members of the Church
Just like puzzle pieces, we each belong to something much bigger than ourselves. It’s called a family
I loved horseback riding more than anything, but did I love it more than church?
A former stake and mission president shares what he has learned from General Conference
While serving a mission, he met the missionary who had taught him the gospel
He knew he had to work in the temple that day
My mother’s birthday present changed my life
She stayed alive long enough to pass on the details of 500 ancestors to a young LDS relative
She placed photos of her ancestors on her mantelpiece, knowing that somehow they would soon be of significance
The temple gave Elder Chatima peace, knowing he would see his family again.
Despite many challenges and trials, two young men from South Sudan chose to serve missions
A member sharing the gospel with this young man led to him serving a mission
Youth in 3 countries have recently been blessed by FSY conferences
The Lord opened the windows of heaven and poured out blessings on her when she paid her tithing
Wise lessons from a mother passed on to future generations
Elder Bednar speaks about his recent visit to Africa
This couple wondered why everything was going wrong for their family
Despite being poor, they felt they were not exempt from paying tithing
The feelings, observations and convictions of Elizabeth Njeri Kang’ethe, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a journalist
It takes personal integrity in order to progress
Elder Hamilton shares how his family felt a desire to be more engaged in the work of bringing souls to God
They were on their way home when they met Elder Holland
I encourage those who have not joined one of the Self-Reliance groups yet to do so right away
Siyabonga is a talented artist whose career has been blessed by the self-reliance courses
Sister Kato learned a lesson while cooking
Unused rooms at a clinic are turned into a shelter for new mothers
Ponesai Vanhu Children's Home is an orphanage which houses approximately fifty orphans and vulnerable children. They had no fixed reliable source of water but senior missionaries have changed that
LDS senior missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints bless lives around the world as they serve their fellowmen
This month we celebrate the organisation of Primary
Elder Holland speaks about the African Saints
Not content to help only himself, Joseph is sharing his skills and knowledge with others to help them become self-reliant too
'When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God' (Mosiah 2:17)
Two students and a missionary share the tender mercies and blessings they received while facing challenges during their Pathway studies
'When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God' - King Benjamin
A list of things to do and to avoid when researching your family history
Like King Mosiah, they have four children on mission at the same time
He gave up his very popular band to serve a mission
The journey of Elder Ajok from South Sudan to serving as a full-time missionary was filled with both challenges and blessings
Parents share how they prepared their children to serve missions
Some missionaries never know the fruit borne by the seeds they sow. Her daughter learned of two after her mission
We can apply the same habits that Olympic athletes use to achieve greatness to improve our own productivity
It took only one phone call to help a young woman come to church
A stay at home mother used her time wisely to improve herself
The healing of spiritual blindness is a matter of eternal significance
Elder Lagoua wanted to wear the names of both his father and the Saviour
“With this water close by,” Alberto explains, “we now have a wonderful home garden, and my family eats much better than before. We even have sufficient produce to sell some vegetables to help with our family finances.”
Her dying father asked her to promise that she would 'Stand by the church'
Robert Dlamini was the first Swazi to accept the gospel
After being injured, Joe had to learn to forgive the driver who had knocked him down and falsely accused him
Be prayerful, never give up, and trust God as you study
Elder Moyo finally accepted the gospel because his brother never gave up on him
Through love we prepare the way for those who follow us, as all pioneers do
Teacher council meetings are helping to improve members' teaching abilities
A Sunday School teacher's thoughts on teaching
The Saints in Saradroa, Madagascar have worked hard to build and maintain their chapel
The Lord answers our prayers when we have faith
How priesthood ordinations have changed over time
There was no record of her son's previous ordination, nor of his baptism
When I had pleurisy my friend brought the LDS missionaries to pray for me
After Dan joined the Church, he saw himself and others differently
The Duty to God program helped him be worthy to receive the Melchizedek priesthood
In order to keep the Sabbath day holy, he would rather resign from his job
Glenn Holmes learned that the Lord would support him as he honoured the Sabbath Day
Some of those who worked with Elder Cook share the lessons they learned from him
Colin and Jennifer Bricknell have been called to serve and President of the Johannesburg Temple.
I learned a significant lesson from my horse Stubby regarding the miracle of change
He prayed with faith and received a testimony
Elder and Sister Palmer are new members of the Africa Southeast Area Presidency
LDS Charities is helping build latrines for a refugee camp in Rwanda
Greg learned the importance of agency while surfing
Trust takes a long time to earn and sometimes only a split second to destroy
When we obey and make sacrifices, we are blessed
The Africa Southeast Area welcomes eight new mission presidents
Swazi members tell of their conversions
In a world of constant change and commotion, we may often feel like strangers
The Church is encouraging members to support refugees throughout the world
How long could Bishop Tyson wait to choose a new counsellor?
'A number of names of my relatives started going through my mind. It was a long list, but at the end were about six names of those who had gone beyond the veil. That list remained stuck in my mind.'
It would require riding on the back of a transport truck for hours, as well as two flights to take his family to the temple
When Mabahlakoana learned about the temple and the work for the dead, she began to do her family history and hasn't stopped yet
The power went off, and Elder Scott gave us a very special message
Music and the Spoken Word, with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, will be aired on South African television
Photos from the Young Ambassador's recent visit 
Members share their testimonies of tithing
'Find the church that is called by the Saviour's name.'  
At midnight Buyisile needed help, and the Lord told her what to do
Vanessa was so impressed by a young man’s respect for himself and for women, and by his unwavering love of God,  that she wanted to investigate the LDS Church
The scriptures are lights and answers to our questions
'We just need to take advantage of all the opportunities we have and keep putting God first in our lives' - Sandra
Focus and determination kept me going, and it was all worth the sacrifices in the end
“…the worst affliction in life is neither pain nor poverty but a lack of purpose and direction”
Learning a skill, such as sewing, helps people become self-reliant
LDS Charities is dedicated to helping the poor and needy throughout the world
A young brother from the Democratic Republic of Congo shares how choosing to stay in the seminary program helped him finish top of his class
Charity, the perfect love of Christ, never fails (a poem)
Although the efforts of the campaign have improved many lives, not all the benefits have been physical
“I do what I do because of my passion for persons with disabilities in dire need of technical mobility aids”
Elder Ellis attended the African Law and Religion Symposium in Ethiopia
The Centurion Ward has been involved in many wonderful service projects
Walter felt drawn to the wet, dusty book with a gold angel on the cover 
“In the eternal perspective, the blessings obtained by sacrifice are greater than anything that is given up.”
On the anniversary of the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood, a few young men from the Johannesburg South Africa Stake share their thoughts on how the priesthood has changed their lives and the way they serve others
'Please help me eat because I love these people and I know they have prepared this from their hearts and I don’t want to disappoint them”
“If you start right and keep it simple, you will stay right” - Elder Bednar
The talk Elder Neil L. Andersen gave at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Kinshasa, DRC temple, and the dedicatory prayer for the temple site
Temples change people's lives - Elder Cook
A sister serving in the Botswana/Namibia mission office tells how an advertisement on to receive free Bibles became the catalyst for a flood of visitors  
Four questions to discuss with your family to plan Sabbath activities
'We found great faith, a love of God, and a love of Christ. There is so much that we can learn from these Latter-day Saints” — Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles after his visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo
While modelling as the Saviour for a painting, Phillip Miner became ill and received a priesthood blessing that changed the course of his life
'Most of the Lord’s promises are conditional on our doing'
The Zulu name, Umhlanga, means 'gather'
Mothers share why they love motherhood
Elder Stanley G. Ellis of the Africa Southeast Area presidency shares how the construction of the Durban Temple can signal a growth within us all
The growth of the Church in Africa can be compared to the allegory of the tame and wild olive trees
Did the Lord arrange for Mike from South Africa to meet a less-active brother from Russia on a plane to Madagascar?
The hearts of the Zimbabwean Saints rejoice at the announcement of a temple for Harare
Photos of the Kinshasa Temple Groundbreaking ceremony
Photo gallery of the Durban Temple groundbreaking ceremony
Kinshasa Temple construction photos
Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi spoke of Christian values and the importance of families
At the Durban temple groundbreaking Elder Cook told this story of a sister who walked for 9 hours to attend church each week
The Durban members excitedly await the new temple
Colin Bricknell, previously a stake president in Durban, and his wife, Jenny share the sacrifice they made as a family to help build the Sao Paulo temple in Brazil
On Saturday 9 April 2016 Elder Carl B Cook, president of the Africa Southeast Area, dedicated the site of the Durban South Africa temple at the groundbreaking ceremony
Elder Jeffrey R Holland recalls his days as a poor young father with a broken-down family car and testifies that for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, there are better days and good things to come
Kinshasa Temple Construction Timeline
Durban Temple Construction Timeline
This timeline shows the development of the Church in Durban as they grew to having a temple
370 youth attended the For the Strength of Youth conference in KwaZulu-Natal this month
The groundbreaking for the newest temple on the African continent will take place on 9 April 2016 in Durban, South Africa. In the days leading up to the event, we will share testimonies and stories about the church in its early days in that area.
Jesus introduced the sacrament at the last supper, bread and wine for us to remember His body and blood which He gave for us
At Easter we commemorate Christ's resurrection from the dead, which made it possible for all of us to live again
The mission president wanted to interview this 'golden' family himself
Have you made a resolution this year to “do more family history”? Consider to be your personal family history trainer
Despite challenges, Solofo relies on the blessings that come from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Write the answer to one question a week to write your life history
'Our Grandmother is helping us, for finding each other did not happen by accident'
Jesus Cristo tomou sobre Si os pecados e os pesares do mundo. Embora tenha sido crucificado, Ele levantou dos mortos. Nesta páscoa, descubra como, por meio de Jesus Cristo, podemos também encontrar vida nova. #Aleluia.
Jésus-Christ a pris sur lui les péchés et les peines du monde. Bien que crucifié, il est ressuscité des morts. Pour Pâques, découvrez comment, grâce à Jésus-Christ, nous pouvons nous aussi trouver une vie nouvelle. #Alléluia Apprenez-en davantage sur
The man who invented Zims has spent his life helping to build the Lord's kingdom
A Young Woman from Sunnyside, South Africa wrote a poem about how significant we each are
Even when she didn't have enough money for her expenses, Verlene paid her tithing, and was blessed with miracles
It is only through the atonement of Jesus Christ that we can be made whole again
Sister Fourie was Primary Mother to 50 children before she was baptised
It took Sedrick many years of selling bananas to earn the money for his mission, but he finally did it
What distracts you from what matters most?
A message on marriage and family as taught by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
A message on marriage and family as taught by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
A message on marriage and family as taught by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
What distracts you from what matters most?
What distracts you from what matters most?
The new brochure, Doctrine and Principles of Marriage, in French
The new brochure, Doctrine and Principles of Marriage, in English
The new brochure, Doctrine and Principles of Marriage, in Portuguese
Zimbabwe held their first For the Strength of Youth Conference
President Hinckley said, 'There is never enough time to do it all', so how do we choose what to do?
The eighth unit has been formed in the Harare Zimbabwe Marimba Park Stake 
'My mission president taught me that sometimes we have to ask God what He would have us do, instead of us telling Him what we want Him to do for us'
PEF helped Nyasha achieve her educational dream
The Job Search Group has made a huge difference in her life
Many important teachings from an Apostle for the members in the DRC 
Despite much persecution, the first missionaries taught the gospel and eventually established six branches
Like Hannah, Thirsly prayed for a son and promised that he would serve the Lord
Hard-working Stuart got a job within three days of finishing his studies
The Career Workshop helped me a lot and is still helping me
The story of the translation of the Book of Mormon into Afrikaans
How the Planning for Success workshop blessed my life
The Lord cares about our temporal welfare
A regular visit to a less-active member's home to collect fast offerings resulted in a wonderful, unexpected blessing
How the faith of John Wilson preserved him in times of hardship
We need to deliberately create time for scripture study
We need to stay spiritually fit by studying the scriptures regularly
Where is the Church History Centre in Africa, and what's in it?
Through his faith, Warner Molema has triumphed over adversity
'How do you do this missionary mom thing?'
Members were asked to give one useful tip that has helped them be better teachers. Here are all of them
A story on the Africa Southeast Area website made a difference in the life of this mother and her son
Elder Mdletshe showed his faith in the Lord when he prayed for his unborn baby 
Three hours of the Sabbath day are accounted for, but what about the rest of the day? 
This young man is now a missionary, sharing his testimony with others
The hand of the Lord led them through their trials
Having a strong testimony, some members will make great sacrifices to attend church
Despite many trials, this missionary found joy in sharing the gospel
His brother set the table, knowing there was no food, then he and his mother prayed
The Lord had a plan for this severely injured man
Brother Odume was taught as a child to be content with what he had
The Spirit said to me, “Stop. Pick up those copies of the Book of Mormon!”
Brother Hubert Hodgkiss was the first convert baptism in Zimbabwe
The missionaries arrived just at the moment they were needed
Honouring the priesthood is much more important to Fred Antwi than the honours of the world
Sally wanted to complete her Personal Progress, and had the opportunity when she was called as a counsellor in the Young Women
A story told by Anne Pingree in General Conference inspired Louise to paint the women in Africa
'We invite you to diligently study and apply these principles and teach them to your family members' - First Presidency
Scripture study methods
We drove into a deep pothole in the road, but nothing seemed to be wrong with the car
The Lord's hand was evident in helping us through everything that went wrong before my son could be ordained
Lots of great ideas for families to have fun together on the Sabbath while making it a special, holy day
Christmas traditions in Mauritius
Christmas traditions in South Africa
Christmas traditions in the Republic of Congo
Christmas traditions in the DRC
Church Christmas movies to watch and share with your family and friends
Christmas traditions in Uganda
Christmas traditions in Madagascar
Christmas traditions in Ethiopia
Family is the center of life and is the key to eternal happiness
Did Gladys still 'sing the song of redeeming love' after twenty six years?
Christmas traditions in Zimbabwe
Doctrines on marriage in new brochure for members in Africa
A video celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Johannesburg, South Africa temple
Christmas traditions in Burundi
Christmas traditions in Namibia
Spencer W Kimball: 'He watches over us. But it is usually through another person that He meets our needs.'
Teach children that there are many enjoyable Sabbath activities that they can do while keeping the day holy and special
The Africa Southeast Area Presidency has published a new brochure outlining the Church's doctrine and principles of marriage in Africa
The Africa Southeast Area Presidency has produced a brochure on marriage for all members of the Church in Africa. It contains important doctrines and principles from the First Presidency and the Apostles
She thought her daughter would be deaf, but the Lord Jesus Christ had other plans in mind
Ideas for teaching children the lessons from General Conference all year
Meet the man who oversees Church History for both the Africa Southeast Area and the Africa West Area
 Primary began in 1878 with 224 children attending. Today there are one million children in Primary.
When life handed Wendy a bowl of lemons, she made lemonade
Elder Joseph W. Sitati was made district president in Kenya when he had only been a member of the Church for three years
The Lord answered many of Sister Lillian's prayers long before she joined the LDS Church
This is the first time that young Church Service Missionaries have been assigned to serve in the temple
Elder Cook invites us to test, try and prove the law of tithing
Serving a mission in gratitude to the Lord 
My mother spoke almost no English, so she asked random strangers in London how she could get to the LDS temple
Young members find gospel standards help them resist the temptations of the world
Elder Cook teaches how we can keep the Sabbath day holy
Three Named to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
After losing his parents, Tatenda found the gospel. Now they can be an eternal family
Charlene was robbed of all the money for her trip to the temple
Reg Nield spent his life serving others
After serving in the temple for many years, Brother Alan van der Vyver has a strong testimony of the blessing of temple ordinances.
Father and son were miraculously reunited in the temple
After so many miracles and so much faith, would this family miss being sealed in the temple?
When it comes to temples and temple worship, we had better get going
Elder Tasara Makasi encourages us to make temple worship a priority in our families
Elder Ellis reminds us of some important things we can learn from the temple
I was blessed to fly to the temple not once, but twice!
 Leaders in East Africa to focus on Christ in their ministry
Miracles provide inspirational pictures of the Johannesburg Temple  
Kenneth and Muriel Armstrong have served the Lord diligently in their various callings
The Area Presidency has a special message for us about attending the temple.
When Andrew was a young deacon, he prayed for help to get to the temple
This month we celebrate the Johannesburg South Africa temple's 30th anniversary
Elder Cook reminds of the importance of attending the temple
Sister Christine du Plessis found the gospel when she was training to be an opera singer
There is only one way to assess our honesty, and that is from God's point of view
Christopher Chishinji was locked out of his family home because he chose to belong to the Church.
Elder Edward Dube was one of the early pioneers in Zimbabwe.
Various Church groups gathered to give service on Mandela Day.
Various Church groups gather to give service on Mandela Day.
Audrey Brummer has provided over eighty children with a safe haven.
Everybody treats Luke as a normal person, and he does not consider himself handicapped.
How could we hold a baptism with no water for the font?
Starting with the July 2015 issue, the Liahona Africa Southeast Area Insert will be in colour.
Boyd K Packer speaks on spiritual crocodiles
Dolly Ndholovu has blessed the lives of those around her as a mother, a nurse, and a temple worker.
Khutsong Ward, Roodepoort Stake Report 2015
Khutsong Ward Helping Hands
Spiritual Crocodiles
The Church has recently released footage of the first baptisms in Ghana and Nigeria in 1978.
Elder Mdletshe struggled to accept a mission call, fearing he would lose his opportunity to attend university.
Elder Hamilton reminds us of the blessings we receive from Sabbath day observance.
Reaching out to his Heavenly Father, Luthando found the light he was searching for.
First Young Women's camp for the District of Luanda in Angola
Helen Vlok believed that God would bless her life when she helped others
Elder Brown and Elder Jackson were able to teach the gospel to an audience of about 30,000.
Obedience was embarrassed when he met the same missionaries he had thrown out of his home.
The Church has changed the navigation menu on
Julia Mavimbela worked her entire life to combat proverty, illiteracy, crime, and disease.
After a very lonely and difficult childhood, Sery Kone found peace in the gospel.
Elder Giddey reminds us to wait on the Lord in patience.
What was the Lord's will for me?
'When I entered the church, I had a feeling that I was home.'
Dan was determined to be baptised, even though he was far from home.
Groups at the temple gallery
Families at the temple gallery
Weddings at the temple gallery
Lesotho helping hands
Lesotho helping hands projects
Members of the Church help provide for recent refugees from xenophobia.
Sister Philomon helps orphans in Kinshasa
Gwen Smith was healed when she received a priesthood blessing.
Vanick resisted baptism until she had a dream that answered her prayers.
Lindani Ndlovu prayed for inspiration about going on a mission, and his prayers were answered.
Family History Centers
Solomon Tumane taught the gospel through soccer.
Elders in Richard's Bay share the gospel on their own radio show.
A new stake is formed in Beira, Mozambique
FSY Video Gauteng
FSY Cape
Elder Cook reminds us that following the prophets' instructions on marriage will bless us and our families
The first stake has been created in Zambia
Church Leaders' Facebook Pages
Uganda Helping Hands
The first stake in Mozambique was formed in Maputo
Church Leaders' form
Being diagnosed with a life-threatening tumour tested the faith of a young Mozambican woman.
How to submit a story
Elder Mabaya tells how family history leads us to the temple
Quotes by General Authorities
Primary children pray that the rain will stop.
Effective networking
Writing a CV
Sister van der Linden has lived 100 rich years.
Photo Gallery of members at the temple
Harare Zimbabwe Report
Current Job Openings
Gregorio Tchicanda dreamed he would be given a blue book that contained the restored gospel
President Cook discusses the pitfalls of pride
The Lord's way to receive blessings is to help the poor and become self-reliant.  
Tito Momen knew the Church was true, but being baptized was illegal in his country.  
Zimbabwe Information
Zambia Information
Uganda Information
Swaziland Information
South Africa Information
Tanzania Information
Helping Hands
Rwanda Information
Reunion Information
Elder Van Reenen compares mountain climbing to overcoming challenges in life.
Nambia Information
Mozambique Information
Mauritius Information
Malawi Information
Elder Kyungu tells us five ways to make sure we are of God's chosen generation.
Temple Presidents
Area Statistics
Philibert Rasolo didn't know why he built such a large home, but after his baptism, he found the answer.
Madagascar Information
Lesotho Information
Directory of Area Mission Offices
Many young single adults gathered in Uganda for their first-ever YSA conference
Kenya Information
Gabon Information
Ethiopia information
Congo information
DRC Information
CAR Information
Cameroon Information
Temple links
Dedicatory prayer
Practical temple information
Temple Construction Timeline
Burundi Information
Angola Information
President and Sister Eppel
Johannesburg Temple Presidents
Family History Links
Five ways social media can help you find a job.
Area Statistics
Greg Burgoyne decided to pay his tithing even though he knew it would take a miracle for him to finish medical school.
Over 400 young people gathered for an exciting FSY conference in Cape Town.
Brother Mamo prayed for help finding a place to live.  
Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can be strengthened as we rely on His atonement, firmly believe on all His words, and remember the spiritual experiences we have had throughout our lives.  
Enjoy this slideshow of the YSA convention held in Ethiopia!
Primary children sing at a celebration for Nelson Mandela.
Four couples were married the day before they and their families were baptized.  
Ben needed new school shoes, but where were we going to get the money for them?
The Church has launched a new Christmas video, 'He Is the Gift.'
Ian and Wendy Wrench received spiritual support as they searched for their family history.  
Saints from all over Africa gathered to hear conference messages especially for Africans.  
An apostle's visit blessed Sister Shongwe's family for many years.  
The first two sister missionaries from Angola have their prayers answered.  
Elder Cook urges members in Southeast Africa to build Zion.  
The Mbaki family was desperate to find the key to their new home.  
Albertina Sithole wanted to find the parts of the Bible that her father said were missing.  
Elder Mfundo E. Mavundla might never have met Elder Jace R. Riley.  
A soccer player's friends bring him back to church activity  
Young people from Ethiopia join in a For the Strength of You conference.  
'Sooner or later God will compensate you for all the pain.'  
Lovemore Katandika trusted in the Lord to help him find a job that didn't require Sunday work.  
Young Women of Botswana attend the first Young Women's camp.  
Every exam day, Duduzile became so ill that she had to be taken home.  
'Some cultural traditions in parts of Africa are negative when measured against gospel culture and values.'  
Sister Marumo was comforted when her young daughter suddenly passed away.  
Kofi Sosu prayed and fasted to find peace with his father.  
Many young adults in Zimbabwe are preparing for missions. A missionary story
Many miracles made it possible for Church authorities to dedicate Angola.  
Before he was born, Sandile's mother dedicated his life to the Lord.  
One young girl brought generations of her family to the gospel.  
Elder Nigel Richard Lipengah finds music connects him to his deceased father. A missionary story
Dudu Simphiwe Manzini wanted to become a missionary even before she was a member. A missionary story
The Zwane family works together to be self-reliant.  
Sister Pamela Obaro was afraid to speak in Church. A gospel story
A family picture of health A gospel story  
When Edward M. Ngindu was first offered a Book of Mormon, he threw it back.  
Millions of small acts of service help the Church grow.  
Sister Kathryn K. and Elder Stanley G. Ellis have arrived in the Africa Southeast Area. An Area Presidency story
Brother Pierre Kemle had been a pastor for 25 years before he met the missionaries.  
Anastasia Akotbongo became alarmed when her relatives started joining the Church.  
Dr. Drew Cahoon helps establish a new dental school in Uganda.  
Jonah isn't the only person who tried to avoid the voice of God.  
Amrican Idol David Archuleta sings in Ethiopia. A newsroom article
Jordin-Jordin Kialanda encounters opposition to joining the Church.  
The Alexandra Branch Choir follows the example of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  
How to Get in Touch With Our Workforce  
Gervais Gerard Zang becomes one of the first members of the Church and the first branch president in Cameroon.    
Kuteka Kamulete travels from Zaire to the Swiss Temple.    
Synergy performers meet audience members.  
Saints of Cameroon struggle to get to the temple.  
The faith of a village in Tanzania helped them survive a drought.    
Brother Modibo's dog was his first connection to the Church.    
The Jadwong family finds the right time to attend the temple.  
An unlikely group of young men in Botswana find the gospel together. A missionary story
Olivio Manuel has a difficult decision to make about his future. A gospel story
Harare Youth Temple Visit A youth activity video
Young performers take another bow.  
Africa is full of 'faithful, visionary people' who have often been led to the Church by extraordinary means.    
How Do I Participate?
Young people from Harare, Zimbabwe attend the Johannesburg Temple.  
Robert Israel Muhile was not only among the first members of the Church in Tanzania; he was the only one in his village.    
Filipe S. Zavale of Mozambique keeps in touch with the Church through his magazine subscription to the Liahona.    
President and Sister Uchtdorf are touched by African Saints who bring light into a completely dark chapel.  
A Jewish boy wants to know why there are no prophets like Moses and Elijah on the earth.  
Ejikeme Enyii-Ineh from Chad visits Temple Square while on a business trip.  
Emergency surgery threatens to cut a missionary's service short.  
A seeming coincidence helps Sister Modiba locate information on her great-great-grandparents.  
Elder Gacula submits a four generation pedigree chart and then encounters those names again.  
President Monson's Conference talk inspires a discouraged missionary. A missionary story
Immeditely Available New Postings!
This little booklet secured official Church recognition for an entire country.  
Anthony Obinna sees a beautiful building in a dream.  
Emmanuel Mbayo gains an unexpected bonus from meetinghouse service.  
Latter-day Saint Charities in Ethiopia partner with Finote Rehabilitation for Women with Disabilities Association. A humanitarian service story
Sister Evelyn Jepkemei's journey from birthday party to baptism  
It is important to collect, preserve, and share Church history.  
The gifts Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ gave us are not one time gifts.  
May we watch over our language and correct it if necessary.  
As we make little right choices daily, the Lord will strengthen us and help us choose the right during difficult times.  
Brother Mohapi found the church when he was a refugee  
The divinity of Jesus Christ and the reality of His Atonement are either true or they are not.  
Eternal life is the greatest blessing promised to man if he follows God's established way.  
A missionary finds an answer.  
Lena Sofia and Matts Leander Renlund listened to missionaries preach the restored gospel.  
Family relationships will be ours for eternity in a resurrected and immortal condition.  
Self-reliance means that we do not need others to help support us or our families financially.  
Temple Ordinances are once again available to all members.