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    Faith in The Lord Jesus Christ — A True Path to Peace by Elie K. Monga
    Perfected in Christ Through Love and Service — One to Another by Artur J. Miranda
    Love and Serve One Another — In the House of the Lord by S. Mark Palmer
    How Just One Day Leads to a Lifetime of Joy by Joni L. Koch
    Managing Money by T. Ruth Randall
    Read about the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and about the construction of the Kinshasa Temple.
    A Friend for All Seasons by Joni L. Koch
    Obedience: The Key to Turning Our Dreams into Reality by T. Ruth Randall
    Compassionate Service by Pungwe S. Kongolo
    Sabbath Blessings by Carl B. Cook
    Act . . . Not . . . Acted Upon by Kevin S. Hamilton
    The Rising Generation and Mission Preparation by S. Mark Palmer