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Hard Work Rewarded

Hard Work Rewarded

Stuart Chamberlain lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He completed his mission in 2009. In 2010 he started a four year degree in Mechatronics, a branch of engineering involving computers, electronics and mechanics. The cost for four years totaled over R120,000.00. He borrowed from the Perpetual Education Fund (PEF) the first year, and didn’t need funding the second year because his grades (5 distinctions) qualified him for a full scholarship. He got a partial scholarship for his third and fourth years, and in total borrowed R47,000.00. He married in the temple in his third year while still studying full-time and working part-time. His part time work included:

  • being a maths and science tutor for high school students
  • being a student assistant at the university
  • doing maintenance work for student accommodation – painting, tiling, repairs
  • delivering for an NPO
  • doing handyman work in people’s homes, such as installing and repairing built-in cupboards, painting, tiling, and repairs

He often had 3 jobs simultaneously, especially during holiday time. He started a permanent full-time job using his qualification, three days after his final hand in at the university – on 1 December.  No vacation for this young man!

He consistently repaid twice the minimum amount owing to PEF while he was in school and has now paid off his loan - an amount of R47,000.00.